Join the Ministry

One of the most common questions I hear is “How can I join this ministry?”  Well there are a number of ways.  The first is through prayer support.  We need all the prayer we can get.  We face continual spiritual opposition in this ministry due to the fact that we are spreading the Gospel of Jesus here at home and around the world.  The second is through volunteering to help out with YMI.   The third way is through financial giving.

Prayer Support

I truly believe in the power of prayer.  It is the way that we seek God for His will and His agenda not our own.  A ministry that does not seek God’s direction is a ministry that is operating in the strength of man not God’s.  That is why the YMI staff and I are committed to pray and seek after God’s leading and guidance and not try to push our own agenda.  So here is some ways that you can support me and YMI in prayer:

  • Pray that I will truly be humble as I seek to serve Jesus
  • Pray I might have wisdom to see the doors  God opens and I might jump through them
  • Pray that God would use the YMI participants to bring Him glory
  • Pray that God would stretch the YMI staff and cause us to trust Him for our support

Volunteer Support

We are always in need of people who would like to volunteer.  You can help in anything from being team leaders to cooking at a training camp.  We are also always in need of churches to partner with.  If your church is wanting to have a sports camp or send a youth group on a trip we would love to arrange that for you.  If you are interested in helping but don’t know where you can contact us and ask how.

Financial Support

All YMI staff members are 100% faith supported like missionaries.  This frees the organization from the financial burden of having to pay its staff and enables all funds to go directly back into the ministry.  As the Director of International Missions, I am seeking to raise $2500  a month.  This would enable me to live and continue to minister in this position that God has called me to.  As of right now I am about 58% of my goal.  If you would like to help support me you can do so at our secure online giving page.


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