First off let me explain why I minister.  I am simply a slave of Jesus Christ.  I have been bought with a price and for that my body is no longer my own.  My Lord does not need my service but rather I am blessed with the privilege to serve Him and be used by Him to glorify Him!  It is nothing I do or no talent of my own, but rather it is God who enables me to serve Him and gives me the opportunities to glorify Him.  Basically, it is God from beginning to end.  What a crazy thought.  My talents and gifts are merely the empowerment of the Spirit of God working through this slave to point back to Him.  That is the whole purpose of why I minister.  It is a privilege and a blessing and I get to take part of it.



Youth Missions International is a faith-based training organization empowering young people to continually live and share their faith in the global communities in which they serve.  We strive to make faith active and alive to young people and to help them realize that life in Christ is so much more than just going through the motions; it is an exciting life of commitment to an almighty God.  We are based in the great Northwest city of Tacoma.


Brian and Me on our way to Ukraine

Brian and Me on our way to Ukraine

Church Relations and College Director

My position here at YMI is titled the Church Relations and College Director.  What does that include?  It is centered around reaching out and serving churches to the best of our abilities.  I meet with pastors and train their youth at their church.  I also set up all the short term mission trips that churches go on through us.  This means that I take care of all the logistical details for the church as it is very time consuming and difficult to do.  I also am the African and Asian specialist which includes talking to missionaries to see how we can assist their ministry and setting up the mission trips to these specific spots.  YMI also has Rose Stiffler who is the Latin America Specialist and Brian Hughes who is the European Specialist.  They work specifically with the missionaries in these locations.  Here are a list of some of my other responsibilities in this position:

  • Training Camp Director
  • Conference Speaker
  • YMI Representative
  • Pre-trip Coordinator

Under these responsibilities come a number of ministry opportunities.  The best part of it is, that I often times get to experience a lot of hands on ministry.  I love working with godly men and women from around the world who have devoted their lives to serve Christ.  It is inspiring to see God change young people with a passion to live missionally for Him everyday of their lives.  I love watching youth go into the field and come back changed forever.  What better job is there than to train students to share their faith with those around them and to help them become more like their Savior?


A YMI Team

A YMI Team

One of the refining aspects of this ministry is that all staff members are 100% faith supported.  This enables the organization to be freed from having to pay its staff and to invest all funds back into the ministry.  It also serves as a constant reminder to the staff that it is God really running the ministry and He is the one providing for its needs.  As a staff member, I have to continue to trust God for my support and living.  But it is a task He is more than capable than doing.  If you would like to know how you can support me in this ministry by either prayer or financially or both you can look at my support page.


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