My LA Summer Adventures

Los Angeles: Traffic, smog, people, heat, people, diversity, and people.   These are some of the things that come to everyone’s mind when they think of the LA area.  Being the only graduate from Southern California here at YMI, it often falls to my area of responsibility to reach out in that area on behalf of YMI.  So this summer I went down there twice!  I think the smog is just about cleansed out of my lungs but after reflecting over the two trips it was worth every breath of smog I took.

On my first trip I was down in Big Bear CA training 56 youth at a Leadership Camp.  These 56 youth wanted to take part in an evangelistic outreach in the Big Bear Community.  This outreach went to three locations and ministered to preschoolers all the way to 95 year old ladies in community hospitals.  This outreach fired up these 56 youth to share the gospel.  God stretched them and used them in unbelievable ways.  They learned how to share the gospel.  They learned how to share their testimony. The youth at the camp left fired up to serve God by reaching out and sharing their faith.

The second adventure I had down there was a month later.  As a result of that camp we had a team form to go to Costa Rica this next summer.  There were 7 youth that felt the call of God to take the next step and share the gospel in Costa Rica.  So they camp to a 5 day training camp to prepare to go to Cota Rica.  It was at this camp that this team of individuals because a team.  They learned to depend on each other in the midst of their weaknesses.  They  learned how to trust God and each other despite their fears.  There was a time where one of the team members really struggled to do the trust fall, but the team rallied around them and told them that God was there with this individual.  They eventually fell and it was a huge breakthrough in their life in trusting the team and ultimately God.  It was cool to see them do ministry to over a hundred kids at the Palmdale city park event.  In spite of opposition that they faced, they shared the gospel for about 1.5 hours.

While I love WA and the beauty that exists here, you  can’t beat watching God transform lives before your very eyes.  For this reason, I would brave all the smog and traffic and people just to see God work.


About ymijoseph

I am a slave of Jesus Christ and strive to live for Him everyday. I have been blessed with the coolest job at Youth Missions International and the most amazing Family. For a living I get to train young people on how to share their faith and I also get to send them to other countries. I have seven siblings and three awesome in laws. My Father is a pastor and my mother is the best cook of all time.

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